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Corporate Social
Responsibility Fund

Gerardo Werthein


In the field of the Congress, The First Social Responsibility Fund of Argentina shall be conformed, where entrepreneurs of our country will strategically set aside their investment for CSR projects.

From the work on the panels, conferences, workshops and discussions, the Bank of Projects will be defined for the local development from which will emerge the selected initiatives because of their feasibility and positive impacts - economic, social and environmental - in the area where it operates.

All the organizations that take part of the SR ecosystem will work together with Amartya Zen Program Coordinators of the Faculties of Economics of the whole country, who will join FORS in the task of designing, implementing and monitoring all the implemented programs.

This Fund is an opportunity for leaders and ruling parties to begin to draw up common goals and work in a coordinated way to achieve the development that we all want for our country.

Gerardo Werthein